Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A True Guru

This comes from the heart of one Ramananda John E. Welshons, spiritual teacher -- wisdom worth heeding:

A True Guru:
* Teaches only Love, and asks for nothing in return
* Liberates you from suffering, rather than liberating you from your money
* Touches your Heart rather than touching your body
* Shows you how to find the wisdom in your own Being rather than trying to impress you with how much unique knowledge and power they possess
* Reminds you that happiness comes not from getting what you want, but from getting free of wanting
* Focuses more on compassion than on chakras; more on kindness than on kundalini, more on selflessness than on samadhi, more on Truth, trust, and tenderness than on tantra
* Teaches you – by example – how to love, serve, be kind, and be generous
* Helps you realize the long-term effects of words, deeds, and actions
* Helps you let go of your attachment to separateness – your body, your mind, and your personality – rather than magnifying the importance of these identities.
You will know a true Guru if:
* All they want from you is that you go to God
* They teach you to Love rather than teaching you to fear
* They focus on the Light of the Creator rather than the darkness of the world
* They lead by example and walk their talk
* They inspire a deep love and peace in you rather than a fascination with the energies they can arouse and manipulate
If all – or most – of these qualities are present, then you have probably found a teacher you can trust.
But if they drive up in a brand new Mercedes-Benz or a shiny Rolls-Royce . . . and tell you that your liberation will come through paying them lots of money to have the benefit of their uniquely wonderful teachings . . . my advice would be to put one hand over your wallet, the other hand over your heart . . . and gently back out of the room.
A true teacher teaches only Love . . . and asks for nothing in return.
May you be blessed to find the One True Guru . . . the One who resides eternally in your own Heart . . .

Thursday, October 18, 2012

10.18.44 - Whatever

And another sun passes through Libra - and another year is added to Allen's stay on earth.


I proclaim without reserve that today I celebrate the gift of LIFE!
Have a glass of wine with me!!

And here's a thought for today --


Whatever I see --- I see God.
Whatever I hear --- I hear God.
Whatever I touch --- I touch God.

Whatever I smell --- I smell God.
Whatever I feel --- I feel God.
Whatever I think --- I think God.

Whatever I eat --- I eat God.
Whatever I drink --- I drink God.
Whatever I do --- God does in and through me.
              Therefore, I am.
                                                                        agd - summer - 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Living in God

Complaint is only possible

When living
in the suburbs of God.

The more we deny the source of our being, the more we think of ourselves as "victims" of life. Through prayer and meditation, we sink ever more deeper into the Being we call God, the source of Life, and the power of Love. And Love, Spirit, teaches us all things - most importantly - to be thankful, and how to be channels of that Love in a world where so many live on the surface of Life - the "suburbs". Choose to live in Center City - that's where everything is provided for, everything is accessible, and that's where the real action is.  Dios es Amor.