Monday, January 27, 2020

Reality Hacked!…/if-reality-is-a-computer-simulation-wh… 

Ok - this is cool - one bottom line revelation is that when we do "new" things in our daily lives, it energizes and promotes more spontaneity and enjoyment of life in general. Think about how a vacation - change of scenery- makes you feel "renewed" - well - usually - if there is no trauma on the vacation! Every "new" direction we take in life redesigns our future toward a greater sense of fulfillment. Don't let :Life get stale for you - there's so much out there to get involved in - and interiorly, the landscape is infinite!

Monday, January 6, 2020

Giving Life

Rejoice not
in another’s death.
Harboring hatred
blasphemes God
who made us all and
every thing that is –
every thing that is.

Good and evil
are judgments learned,
and their contagion
casts away our forgotten bliss
and blurs a life of peace.
Cultures will always differ,
Gods’ names will change,
but the same river of Being
runs beneath all that is,
ever and always,
giving Life,
giving Life.

Rejoice in Life!
and …
when is Rome,
do as the Romans do.
(Adapt to your environs)


Friday, January 3, 2020

I say

a gray day
i can’t say
what it may

so I just may
fritter away
a perfectly good day
or I may
run away
to Delaware bay
‘cause the cats
are playing with my feet.

agd 1.3.20

Thursday, January 2, 2020


The pyramids were built
one block at a time.
A bracelet is fashioned
one bead at a time.
Bread is prepared
one ingredient at a time.
An almond cookie is consumed
one bite at a time.
A life is lived
one day at a time, mostly.
A day is spent
one hour at a time.
And an hour is counted
one minute at a time.
The minute divides into seconds,
but who is counting?

A second in Your Presence,
   my Beloved,
      is an eternity of Bliss.

Time is a concoction
of the imagination.
All that was
All that is
All that will be
exists Now
in every conceivable array,
right Ray?
Who can fathom this but God?
… and this God is in you.


agd 1.2.2020

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Beginnings

Now begins
a new year
a new decade
a new cycle
a new attitude
a new vision
a new challenge
a new purpose

Now begins
new chaos
new order
new work
new responsibilities
new friends
new memories
no more pee pee pads
renewed gratefulness

Deo Gratias
for another day
Pace bene to all

Veni, veni, creator spiritus
-heal our hearts
-fill our minds with wisdom
-guide our hands to help
 and to heal.

Happy New Year!

agd  1.1.2020

Saturday, May 18, 2019

It's been a while since I posted anything, but I want to repost a poem from last year. I came across it today and I made some revisions. I think it speaks deeply of the creative process.

What The Bard?

In a world of
stardom and logos,
of sprinting after
fulfillment and applause,
we still search for meaning,
for reasons of being,
and what is.
Too busy for long tomes
and in-depth treatises,
this generation finds inspiration
in the short and concise,
in song and verse
which dredge thru our memories
and confirm our being
and celebrate reality.

The bard unwraps the known world,
drawing hope out of the violence,
drawing meaning out of the hope.

Behind the rhymed words
and carefully crafted verses,
the essence of what is is revealed,
fulfilling the very human need
to connect with the Substrata of Life
in this dimension,
even if not understood,
even if still left with longing for clarity.

The bard journeys ever inward,
past the contradictions of everyday life,
skirting the ghosts of memories,
squeezing past every impending concept
beaming from the sun of the Knower
but yet to be revealed
on this fleshly plane
by some intuitive monad.

Into the cauldron of inspiration
the poet dips his mind
and draws out perceptions yet un-thought of,
and translates into human words their essence,
giving flesh to the bones of dreams,
creating truths out of holograms.

And thus, a thing is created,
a something out of nothing,
a Polaroid of time and existence
to titillate, to warm, to surprise,
to teach, to uplift, to shock,
yes, even to castigate or warn,
but always to share something
which Mind impels the soul and pen
to reveal to a humanity ravenous for meaning -
a thus is birthed a poem.

agd - May 2019

Friday, November 16, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

We are all the One. Everything is connected. Love the ones you're with. Funny, I feel less and less nostalgic for the camaraderie of past years. I worry less and less about the resources I don't have or do have. I am not as motivated to accomplish anything, to complete any project, to make an impression. In 50 years, my name will not be spoken or thought of anywhere, joining the anonymity of billions of other souls. My art will have disappeared. My book(s) will not be read. My music will not be remembered. I will join the anonymity of innumerable souls.
No, I am not depressed - I take each day as it is, and only pray I cause no one any harm or injury. I watch the news to be informed, and I rejoice or cry with a thousand stories made public, shared just to be shared. And how many stories are not known, save by a few, or even a one? Yet, in the archival files of the Akashic Records, all is written, all is recorded, not for judgment, but because it happened. Nothing is lost. All is One.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Why I Do What I Do

I wasn't born
in a trash heap,
but I heard of someone
who was.

He met a writer-philosopher
who came to observe life
in a trash heap in Mexico,
and the trash heap man implored:
"You write about me.
I was born in this trash heap.
I live my life in this trash heap.
I will die in this trash heap.
I will be buried in this trash heap.
Write about me.
Tell them: " 'I was here.' "

There's only One Life,
and you and I and the trash heap man
are each an integral part of it.

I do what I do
because I want the world to know
I was here.
Everyone does.
And yet, every one, every thing
that ever existed, exists or will be
is known in the mind of God, the Designer,
and loved in the Heart of Reality,
whether a queen or a trash heap man
a lizard or a microbe.

And the reason I write poetry
or create art,
or play the harp
is only because
built into my dna,
my bio-chemistry
urges me to purpose,
and it is purpose
that shouts out
to the world:
 "I am here!"

So forgive me
if I tease out from you
a compliment,
a thank you,
a purr or leg rub,
even a criticism,
or if I create chaos
or vie for attention
in any way,
judged saintly or vile.
I only want someone
to affirm my existence.
I only want to take a deep breath
and with confidence, breathe out,
"I am here."

So yes, I WILL smile at you in the street,
I WILL help you without asking,
send you a card just for the hell of it.
I WILL avoid the squirrel racing across the road,
and help the turtle reach the road's edge,
and not crush the furry caterpillar.
(But to hell with the flies, ticks and mosquitos!)

I WILL condemn your faulty thinking
but will try to heal your brokenness,
to make your day more pleasant,
to encourage your purpose.
For when you fulfill YOUR purpose,
you make MY life easier,
and the world is a better place to be.

agd - 7.15.2018 - Inspired by a story by Luis Alberto Urrea  during an interview on Krista Tippett's radio program "On Being"

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Fourth

The Fourth of  July, 2018
starts out hot, 80,
with humidity to match.
Ogden is silent,
the walk leaves me drenched.
Saw only one babbit
whilst my ears perked
to listen to the avian news
broadcasting in so many tongues.

All else lay silent.
A quiet start to a
celebratory day.

And these days,
tinged with dread
and uncertainty,
the world's instant news
and synchronous reactions
create ripples of energy
to augment the puppeteer's goals.
But do not give in to the fear.
Send a blessing instead.
Then go out and make a difference.

Today I'll wear my flag
and sing our anthem,
and pluck a hymn of thanksgiving.
The USA is still a wonderful place to be.

The Fourth be with you.


Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Royal Wedding

A Royal Wedding

I met Love today.
I saw him in their eyes,
in the wisp of their shared smiles
as they gazed perfectly
into each other's eyes
as they trothed each other
to a life in faith and
commitment and fealty.

I heard Love today
in passionate words
meant to stir our hearts
to fathom Love's power,
beseeching all ears
to step out in risk
and transform a tormented world,
to disburden the anguished,
and to banish poverty to the
archives of history.

I saw Love today,
in the giggles of lovers,
in their responsive eyes,
in their fearless touches.

I know Love today,
for I know God,
and God is Love.

agd - May 19, 2018 - The Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I Do

I asked the Beloved:
"If we are all One
in the Perfection of Being,
what separates us
one from another?"
He answered:
"I do."


Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Book of Poetry - "Seasons"

New author: Allen Dec
New book: My Poems - Seasons 

Publisher: Jafansta, Inc
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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Eternally One

Glorious is the moment we sit in the palace, You and I.
Two forms, two faces, but a single soul: You and I.
The flowers will blaze and bird cries shower us with immortality
The moment we enter the garden, You and I.
All the stars of heaven will run out to gaze at us
As we burn like the full moon itself, You and I.
The fire-winged birds of heaven will rage with envy
In that place where we laugh ecstatically, You and I.
What a miracle, You and I, entwined in the same nest;
What a miracle, You and I: one Love, one Lover, one Fire,
In this world and the next, in an ecstasy without end.

- Jalal-ud-Din Rumi