Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Cinco de Mayo

Uno for the one I love
Dos for eggs on toast
Tres for my Beloved’s embrace
Cuatro ain’t so macho
but Cinco in the maio
is a margarita to-die-foh!

agd 5.5.2020

Monday, May 4, 2020

The Blessing

I sought Wisdom
thinly disguised
in Life.
I did not see,
I did not hear,
‘til Love did guide
my eyes to see
and my ears to hear
in every voiced refrain…
May the Fourth
be with you….

ah-ah (Thermian humor)

agd 5.4.2020

Saturday, May 2, 2020



The opening of May
clears the skae
and summer,
fwumps upon us
without warning!

Hot midday sun
takes all the fun
out of gardening
the piddly plots
of perennial plants
vying for light,
and energy
to grow and mature
no matter the cost.

One done today …
the other …

agd 5.2.2020

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Light In The Rain

SoundCloud recording - Light In The Rain

Down the quiet road
upon the wetted carpet
of a million maplecopters
my shoes are rinsed
and upon my nylon roof
drumming, drumming
from the sky’s shedding, shedding
tears of release
as I stroll and breathe
the misted air.

And upon my ear
does fall the songs
of my neighbors,
filling the air
between the raindrops
with song,
with news,
with the aliveness
of the new day.

Gray is the sky,
but my heart
beams with a sparkling Light.

agd 4.30.2020

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A Glimpse of Nowhere

A Glimpse of Nowhere - on SoundCloud

Down the quiet road
this misty morn
my eye raises to see
the eye of God
peering at me
thru the grayness
lighted by that yellow orb
that Life-giving death ray ---
and another day
has begun.

Upon the edge of nowhere
upon the blue haze of Gaia’s shawl
I stand suddenly
transported in awesome clarity.
I see no wall, no edge,
no top, no bottom,
but an endless nothing
which is yet something
and is everything---
from my fragile perch.

I know and I am known.

And yet the noir vista
is filled with Light
that casts no shadow.
It is filled with Life
that we may never know of
the variety,
the stories---
but all are heaped
onto the expanding
haystack of Being.

In the quiet
beyond the aural screeching
beyond the clacking prayer wheel
I see the music played
I hear the colors displayed
I touch the forms
still morphing to be.

And I am comforted…
Life will continue
beyond the pale.
And every moan,
every groan,
every scream,
every laugh,
every note and song,
every poem and Hallelujah
and every story
will blend again
and in one omnipresent chorus
an Om will sound
that no one will hear
but all will Be.

agd 4.29.2020

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Starting to post some recordings in SoundCloud.

Yes, I Can

Yes, I Can ( sound recording)

I am Oz.
I came to see you
up close,
to help you write
because I can.
I lay on your paper
on your calendar
to warm me
to inspire you
I can.
I’ll wait to play
red light (laser pen)
tell you when I’m ready
for snacks
because I can.
I trust you.
So write your words
craft your poem
even while Chloe
vies for love
because she can
because you can
and time draws us all
to the end.

agd 2.28.20

Monday, April 27, 2020

The Curse

Sound Recording: The Curse

The Curse

The wind blows
the sun glows
and a million helicopters
dance and show
that Spring is here
the skies have cleared
and Summer is near
in the cycle of the Great Star.

Fewer cars,
trains and planes,
less carbons, toxins
and pollutants.
Breathe easier,
my friends, for now,
and pray not the Corvid
doth you visit,
this purge,

Mother’s not happy
with all you have done
and there is nowhere from the sun
you can hide.
Truer than not,
the Chinese blessing
does ring true:
“May you live in interesting times.”

agd 4.27.2020

Sunday, April 26, 2020


Sound Recording: Solitude

The Art of Solitude
          The Practice of Wonder

She rocks on her porch
watching the kids cavort.
He peers at the vista
from a Parkway’s Watch Point.
She lays on the grass
pondering the stars so vast.
He sits against a tree
following the clouds to see
them constantly morphing.
He listens to his body
urging to ecstasy.
She communes with the baby
growing in her womb.
The child is awed
by a powder-blue butterfly.
An old woman marvels
at the magic of technology.
Music impels me to heaven's gate.
The cat turns inward…
what does he think?
Or does he just “be”?
Is he then better than me?

He knows solitude.
She practices wonder.
He knows she’s not alone.
She knows he’s connected.
They are saved.

agd 4.26.2020

Friday, April 24, 2020


Appear and grow
grow and create,
create and increase,
increase and fade,
fade and die
a billion times a second
in a billion billion worlds
under a billion billion stars
Such is Life
in innumerable dimensions---
Who can fathom
the orgasmic passion of it all?
Love on!

agd 4.24.2020

Thursday, April 23, 2020


It is not I who live,
but Thee who lives in me.

What I want is immaterial
unless it is for your gain.

Life is essentially a crapshoot,
but try to aim carefully anyway.

You cannot avoid collateral damage---
everything is connected.

By God’s will I exist ---
What an imagination!!

Thou art for me ---
I am for you, my brethren ---
and you are Him.

It obviously was a prediction
when Judy sang “Send In The Clowns.”

agd 4.23.2020

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Brother Wind

Sound Recording:

Pandemic virus or flu
No one knows what to do.
Should I seal up my home
so I won’t go out and roam?
Shall I ape the bear
and hibernate in my lair?
‘til God knows when
I’ll wake up again
and find that Bro. Wind
has cleared the land
of everything.

agd 4.22.2020 Earth Day