Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What's the Fuss?

"You say you have seen Him, but your eyes are two stones.
You say you have known Him, but nothing in you trembles.
You still say "I" when you speak of surviving His glory;
No one who has seen It has ever survived. "
- Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

Oh, I agree.
Then why all the fuss?
It's the drama, you know,
The tension of life:
Bio/metaphysic Magnetism:
Or Die.


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Be Attentive

It's a different world
with different tools.
Now campaign rallies
and bullied speeches?
What's missing is
that bitty mustache.
Fool me once....

Now a test for democracy,
How far the tether to let?
Be attentive.
Be attentive.
But keep the net handy.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Gender Identity

Gender Identity. ... Chemical (physical /hormonal) and Spiritual (Soul Energy).. and the third element which is not discussed is the element of reincarnation.... how many lives as male..... how many lives as female, or any combination on the male/female meter? 
But we still CHOOSE a life as male or female .... for the experience. It is complicated, but not rocket science.
Of course, there are more complicated situations, and sexuality runs the gamut from the macho male to the feminine female. It is time to accept the facts - there is no NORMAL human life - we are all sepatated by degrees of gender intensity - controlled by hormones and soul memories which are not fully understood even by the best psychologists.
The most we can do is understand the complexity of human experience and respect the conundrum some individuals suffer through. We must also keep in mind the three elements mentioned above: Chemical, Spiritual, Metaphysical. And there is no "normal."

The Eternal Quest

What am I?
Who am I?
Where do I come from?
Where am I going?

A Star Trek alien
called humans: "bags of water" -
a conglomerate of molecules?
Then what animates?
Simple organic electricity?
Then who thinks?

With eyes to see,
the silver cord connects
to this "bag of water" - fluid
- or fluidity of being -
As above, so below -
I am more than this Allen,
or Paula, Chad, or Ophelia.

I evolve, morph,
transform -
matter matters, yes,
but Spirit fits the form.
I am more.

And next time
I will be different,
may be he, maybe she,
may be pink, black or brown,
handsomely beautiful or not,
planting rice
or teaching metaphysics,
but I will be "new" -
Spirit fits the form,
and I fulfill a purpose.



Are you a blazing star?

Contemplating the Light of God

There's an intellect like the sun's blazing disc—
And one inferior to Venus or a shooting star.
There's an intellect like a flickering lamp,
And one like a brilliant star of fire,
That when all clouds are pulled back from Its Face
Births eyes that contemplate the Light of God.

- Rumi
(Translated by Andrew Harvey from A Year of Rumi)