Friday, June 15, 2012

Deo Gratias

Well then -- there is no real answer for why bad things happen to good people - but first - what we judge "bad" could sometimes be an op for learning and personal growth. What we judge "good" isn't always the best. We take things too personally in this material life - we are not VICTIMS of life -  every "happening" is an op for learning "SOMEthing", which helps the entire universe to grow. Jesus told us: "Judge not." 
We can only do so much to "control" our little world of influence - the rest is a crapshoot. And the best we can do is respond: "OK, now what can I do with THIS?" (That's why I love those emails re: Redneck inventions!!)
The future first question when two people meet will be: "What's your DNA?"  It used to be "What's your sign? "  The next will be - what's your family history? If we try to "figure out" why things happen, if we try to understand and control the WHOLE process of our lives, we will miss experiencing the beauty all around us. That's the purpose of Life - to experience........ and ain't it amazing!? There is SO MUCH happening at any given moment!! I tear up just thinking about the complexity of Life, the myriad forms of material life. Then I get a kind of feeling like a belly laugh - if God had a face, it would be laughing, the kind of laugh that contains wonder, joy, compassion and understanding - whew!! It's enough to make one faint with joy!!
Can we "understand" the whys of life? Perhaps a little bit here to some extent, perhaps a bit more in the next dimension. Sometimes the best we can do is to be grateful for the NOW. My mom always murmured: "Thank you, God" every so often.  She had no easy life, and her body was not always in the best of health. But still, she could say, "Thank you, God." That taught me everything I need to know to be a success in life.