Monday, December 23, 2013

Post Philatelics

I used to have a full box of letters
and cards by the end  any year.
This year, I have 5.
All the rest is somewhere in
some cloud, somewhere.
No wonder the Post Office
is in dire straits.

Angels of Mercy

"Most people don't know there are angels 
whose only job is to make sure 
you don't get too comfortable & fall asleep 
& miss your life." 
                                        Brian Andreas, "Still Mostly True"

Words of Comfort

"There are days
I drop words
of comfort on
myself like
                     & remember
                     that it is
                     enough to be
                     taken care of
                     by my self."
                                            Brian Andreas, Still Mostly True

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It is snowing......

It is snowing this morning.

Gently falling,
Piling lightly,
Covering all the grime of life,
Quiet, mute,
Cold, frozen drops of water,
A child's playground,
Why do I even need to shovel it?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Ancient Aliens

I have always been a fan of the  Ancient Alien theories, that throughout human history intelligent life from other worlds have visited our planet and have influenced the development, the evolution of human life on Earth. But lately, I am drawn more to the idea that these encounters may be not so much "extra"terrestrial, as they are "inter"dimensional, or "extra"dimensional, if we use the term to mean that intelligent life travels into our material dimension from another dimension.
After so many centuries of personal experiences, research, contemplation, study and intuition, most humans are still unsure of the relationship of the material dimension with the spiritual dimensions. Yet, we are taught by many intuitives that spiritual dimensions "outside" of this dimension exist, and that "spiritual" commucation (interdimensional communication) is a real part of human experience.
What if, thousands of years ago, intelligent life from another dimension had the means to enter into this material dimension, along with abilities to manipulate matter in ways our ancestors could only think of as "magic"? That could certainly explain so many anomalies, including how the massive monuments dotting the entire world  were built 10-20,000 years ago.
We are spiritual beings living in material bodies. The energy of our souls exists naturally in another dimension, and we are intimately "connected" to the material body to experience this material dimension. I liken this to the "Matrix" effect (ref. the movies). Our perspecitve on Angels and "ghosts" (manifesting spirits) would have to be rethought. We "know" we are connected to another dimension (we like to call it a 'spritual') dimension, but at this point we cannot prove it scientifically. But I predict a breakthrough is about to be made, a real connection leading to a confirmation of  belief which will put to rest the spiritual/material debate.
We call this Earth experience "material". We like to call the world we come from (for souls exist first in a "home" world) and the world we reenter after the material body disfunctions, "spiritual". Let's start thinking of reality in less controverted terms, and stop fighting over the terminology. We exist in many dimensions. Let's reach out and touch them, for real. We are all connected, interdimensionally. Come home.