Friday, February 22, 2013

Papacy and a Gay Vatican Lobby???

The Pope and the Gay Lobby??

Just what we need: another reality show, or better yet, soap opera --- how about -- As the Collar Turns

Lobbyists should be outlawed in EVERY venue!! Thou shalt not commit adultery refers to ADULTERY: having sex with another person's spouse! - BASTA! Sex is a wonderful part of humanity which GOD created in us to experience and celebrate. To extend the meaning of any of the commandments is dastardlly, controlling and diabolical. If taken to the extreme (and it can), there is nothing man does which is not a sin.
Understand the commandments in their simplicity and directness - follow them, and you will be at peace with yourself, the world, and God. Enough!

Friday, February 15, 2013

A sperm is not a soul.

It's Science Friday on NPR. One comment smacked me in the face: A mention was made that in an ejaculation, there could be 40 million sperm. A retort was "That's a lot of souls - dying".
I couldn't pass this by. Consider this: A human is comprised of a trinity of "beings" -- a created physical body, a created spiritual body (soul), and an uncreated spirit (spark of God - for want of a better tern). The soul cannot "attach" itself to a physical body until the body has been "built", and the organs and glands are completely built and functional enough to allow the soul to attach to the physical body. This is not new. Dr. Michael Newton, Ph.D. intimates this in his book "Journey of Souls," which I recommend highly.
A sperm is not a soul - it is a necessary transmitter of life - and is instrumental in commencing the process of building a physical body after it successfully enters into a receptive ovum. Once the union is made, the sperm spills out its DNA/RNA, initiating the process of physical grouth. The sperm, in essence, gives up its life for the new physical life to be built. The prospective soul is aware of its new physical vehicle, but cannot meld with it until it has built the proper receptors the soul will attach itself to for the life of that physical entity.