Friday, December 30, 2011


Enlightenment is like the new florescent energy-saving bulbs - turns on (wow), though dim, but then it grows brighter and brighter. And the process of enlightenment never stops getting brighter - there is no end - there is only - more.

Where is the door to God?
In the sound of a barking dog,
In the ring of a hammer,
In a drop of rain, 
In the face of Everyone I see.        --- Hafiz

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Celebrate the Season!!

And here we are - Day 3 of the Season of Christmas!! Continue to enjoy your holiday lights and decorations, immerse yourself in the melancholy of family and personal memories. Reflect on why Christmas is celebrated at all. Give thanks to God for the gifts you DO have, especially the gift of  Faith. Jesus draws us into the heart of Life, where Love is the rule of the day - and everything you ever thought of God or were taught about God melts away into a new and vibrant experience which embraces all, respects all, and forgives all.
For all of life is God's and is in God - you and me and all creation. There is only one Life - and it is Awesomely Perfect. Selah. Amen.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Wish

Michele Obama is quoted: "I own my own happiness."
   How very appropriate --- in a world of fearing to not be politically correct, in a world where we are poised to blame someone else for our unhappy circumstances, in a world in which we are pummeled by advertising that THIS car or THAT electronic gadget will make us happy, in a world where we are so often fooled to believe another person will bring me the happiness I seek, in a world where we blame "God" for the joys and sufferings we experience, here is a contemporary statement which registers the power of faith and the fruit of responsibility. No one, no thing, no god outside of myself can make me consistently happy.
  True happiness comes from the heart, from the soul, where I meet the Source of All Being (the one, true God) in the center of my being. Only in God is my soul at rest -- Only in God can I know true happiness. Then, whatever comes into my life from the world, whether a joy or a trial, I will be able to deal with it with the strength of the Spirit Who lives in me.
Few are the Americans who have reached the promise of "the pursuit of happiness." But the more who do, the more will this great land be the true refuge for those seeking freedom of expression and the pursuit of happiness.
  This is my Christmas, Holiday wish for all of you --- That you will own your own happiness in 2012. Do not depend on others or on material things. Your happiness depends on your own attitude  - an attitude of gratefulness, an attitude of forgiveness, an attitude of wonder and of faith. Remember who you are: You live in God, and God lives in you - you are a child of the Most High - live as such.

Thank you, Mrs. Obama.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Wedding Night

Everyday I meditate upon this, and every night I groan
     Why is my own existence to myself the least known?
Whence have I come, why this coming here?
     Where to must I go, when will my home to me be shown?
I am in desperate awe, why was I ever created?
     For this, my creation, whatsoever was the reason?   Rumi

Yet another wonderful event to celebrate! 

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