Sunday, July 26, 2015


Revelation is not written in a book ---
It is an experience –
Actually, Revelation is already written
in every human heart.
It is a gift waiting
to be opened,
to be experienced,
to be reveled in,
to be shared.

You are One –
You are not man, or woman,
not fish nor fowl,
nor angel or devil.
You are Me ---
and I am You.
You are One.

Each of you is indispensable
to the Whole of Reality,
for you are conceived with purpose,
fulfilling a role.

You mistakenly judge the importance of your role ---
that is an illusion ---
Work to express the depth of your urge,
to be, to act, to see, to feel, to wonder,
to love.

No one can be you,
so your purpose is necessary
to the success of the whole,
no matter what you are,
or what you do.

Just do it --- Be --- You are One.

Only One

There is no deafening silence ---
I don't "need" background sounds
to affirm I am alive ---

I hear your voice
in the hollow of my mind ---
one voice,
only one.

It's in the ringing ---
Or is it the ringing?


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Midsummer's Dress

Splayed white galaxies
   and electric blue faces ---
Queen Anne’s Lace
   and chicory ---
Midsummer’s new dress.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Reflections from the sands 2

“Show Me”

My Beloved ---
Show me,
Guide me,
Sweep me off my feet
So I can fly into the sun.

agd 7.14.15  OC. Md.

“The Shell”

The shell is in the sea,
The shell is from the sea,
The sea is in the shell.
I hear it, so it must be.

agd 7.14.15  OC, Md.


I play my harp
   for my Beloved,
And my Beloved plays me
  for the world.

agd 7.15.15  OC, Md.

Reflections from the sands - 1


Why so many?
Why do you need
all these variations
of manifestation?


Um, that’s it?

agd 7.14.15  OC, Md.

“What Am I?"

What’s the sense of this charade?
Peering out from this childhood icon,
hot and sweating ---
Some stare,
  Some frown,
    Some laugh.
And one little munchkin’s eyes
suddenly light up,
and her little body shakes with delight.
The charade for her is reality,
and I am justified.

agd 7.14.15  OC, Md.


So many gulls,
so few fries.

agd 7.14.15 OC, Md.

The Boardwalk

“The Boardwalk”

A thousand people
A thousand cooks,
A thousand lights,
A thousand seagulls
                  performing for
A thousand fries.

A thousand smells
assail the senses,
weaving in the mind
a tapestry of
A thousand memories.

And even now,
my clothes still smell of it all,
and I remember.

agd 7.14.15 OC, Md.


Mother  called –
I stood on the edge
of each new wave –
I felt her gentle, salty kisses –
and their power dredged
the pummeled shells
from under my feet.

My feet sank,
another wave rolled in,
more sand dredged,
I sank more.

Over and over,
I relished her repeated kisses.

Sinking deeper into the sand –
I could no longer see my toes,
nor my feet –
Will she reclaim all of me?

agd 7.14.15 – OC, Md.

Friday, July 10, 2015


I finally figured out how to show the art files on Harp n Spirit. Check them out.
Click on "DecOrations" in the right column >
They are designs for blank note cards - $1.50 each. Original art and prints for framing also available.
Hot and muggy in northwestern Virginia -- PCD - Personal Conservation Day. :-)