Sunday, January 9, 2011

Violent Humanity.

  It's Sunday morning, and I am nursing myself through an attack of the epizutics (a Shenandoah Valley term which covers any undiagnosed illness) - it's probably the flu. Anyhow, having looked through the on-TV guide for something to feed my brain, I was impressed with the ubiquitous theme of violence. We are truly, by nature, a violent species. We dolt on it, we applaud it as much as we fear it, we condone it as much as we condemn it. Yet, when we look at all the true spiritual masters, it is our violent nature which needs to be controlled, our lust for it which needs to be tamed.
  Violence may be a part of our physical human nature, but it is not of our godly essence.  Violence is a product of our ego, which is a function of our material being. The ego plays out its role in the physical world. It is easy for it to take control, and cover over our spiritual nature. The role of faith and religion is to urge us to rediscover our true spiritual being and to allow its power and influence to shrink the ego and to allow the pure love of our godly essence to influence the material milieu we live in.
 We cannot just bury it within. It needs to be addressed and convinced that the bloodlust which taunts us is not a part of our godly nature, but of the nature of the ego, the material aspect of our humanity. True spiritual masters of history have taught that violence is not the way to happiness. It is love, compassion and sacrifice - aspects of our godly essence, which do not condone violence, but which allow the tangled pain of chaos to unravel and to regain balance and peace.
Readings:  "The New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle - a wonderful exposition of human nature - both physical and spiritual.

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