Sunday, December 25, 2022


Christmas 2022


Merry, Merry

and Blessed Be

this season of joy

recalling what peace could be

shadowed by the buyers’ spree.


We still sing the Child

and all givings mild

as things are exchanged

and meals are arranged

in holiday fashion.


It’s in the remembrances

of future memes

where thought connects

and gives respect

to past encounters

that flood the mind.


What I have done will fade

things gifted will disappear

but they will live in memory,

in Akasha

to be recalled in

God’s good timelessness.


Merry, Merry

and Blessed Be!


Two worlds dancing

Two worlds romancing

to pull your heart asunder.

One world gone mad

for things to be had

Another world wishing

for some God to return,

to kiss it

and make it better.


But that’s OUR job, eh?


The star returns

dispelling the cold

splashing its Light

to warm the heart

to hope for understanding

and respect

and compassion

so that all Earth’s residents

can revel in Gaia’s amazing Life,

can have enough to eat,

and clean water to drink,

and a roof to call home.


Two worlds dancing

to dispel the cold

to nudge Nature

to the coming Spring

--- and another spin

around the yellow star.


Merry, Merry

Blessed Be

The Drama continues!

Time to do my nails --- again.

Saturday, December 24, 2022


Christmas Eve


Christmas Eve dawns

tiny birds peck for fuel

beneath the frosted window

3° F, even the air is frozen

lacey white hoar

labored all night

dancing abstractly

on the pane

now lit by the morning’s star

could not recreate it

if I tried

it’s Gaia’s turn

to astound us –

once again.

How does She DO it?!


Merry, Merry

and Blessed Be.


Thursday, June 9, 2022


 Crispy-skinned humans

basting on white broiling sands

forgot last year’s pain.


© allengdec 2022


Monday, June 6, 2022

Origami Hero's Horse

Origami horse

frozen in metal and paint

soaring in clear air.


© allengdec 2022


Sunday, May 29, 2022





ref: Museum of the ShenandoahValley – Winchester VA

“Origami in the Garden” – Spring 2022


Folded metals

mimic forms

rainbowed horses

prancing thru the glen

cast shadows

of sinewed, metal flesh

on Spring-green grass

reminiscent of

the kingdom’s royalty

proud and strong

masters of the plains

warriors of the free

balancing blades

and cranes

of exaggerated size

these gargantuan origami

will not be crumpled

and trashed

for lack of artistic value

they are eternal

but the harp’s tones

are plucked

and disappear

into memory

never to be heard again


© allengdec 2022

Friday, April 29, 2022

Who Am I


I wake up at dawn

but that is not me

I clean my body

but that is not me

I feed myself

but that is not me

I care for the cats

but that is not me

I am full of pain

but that is not me

I am tired and alone

but that is not me

I am never alone

I move thru

this ocean of consciousness

as if I really exist

I am not any less

or more

than anything that is

I am That


Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The Rise of Dawn


The setting sun

never sets

for on the edge of night

it is always rising anew.

Leave the night to rest

step out from the blue twilight

and into the yellow dawn

a new day is on the rise

you are Light

live in the freshness

of a never-ending dawn.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Somer is a Comin'


The butchering of Nature

has begun.

Green blood spattered

limbs flung hither and yon

hoppers leap to safety

among the beheaded dandelions

and hacked violets

violence of apathy to be “civilized”

with manicured lawns

and weeded gardens

welcome flags

and creepy gnomes

guarding the stones

and steps

of hearth and home

and the summer pool.

Summer is a comin’

sing it

dance to it

and raise a cup

of autumn’s wine.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Beyond The Veil


I cannot see

beyond the veil

cannot penetrate

the firewall

that separates

our worlds.

But some can by nature

and some do

in hidden spaces

silent to most

saints to some of us

whispered sharings

more real than not.

What a gift.

And who will discover the Hertz

that connects?


Friday, April 22, 2022



The vacuum of Silence cracks

and music spills into the still air

waves of sound

washing upon the shores of matter

you must have evolved an ear

or no sound is heard

nor heart moved

nor image remembered

the crack will heal

as the waves are sucked back thru the breach

into the vacuum of silence.

Thursday, April 21, 2022



Multi-striped ,


artsy Tees

pink pencils,

blue mixers,

red napkins

purple spotted socks

green mugs

teal towels

so much color

a far cry from black and white TV

and only white T shirts.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022



Awake and rested

in the blue morning twilight

his paw taps gently.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Shut it off!


Shut it off…

Shut it out!

The chaos burns

like acidic tears

upon my cheeks.


Shut it off!

But no – I can’t

I need to know

to see

so I can pray

and say

as much as I can

to soothe the burn.


Chaos is ramping up

like a runaway train

or pilotless plane.

But don’t give up the good.

We’ve already seen it

played in dramas, books and song

foretelling the end

of this great civilization

despite the voices of prophets

despite the warnings of seers

despite the efforts of peacemakers

chaos still affronts

all continents

all countries

all tribes

all neighborhoods

all families

all lives.


Can chaos be healed?

(chaos is a natural part of reality,

but how much violence can one stomach?)

How about climate change?

drug trafficking?

human trafficking?

healing mental health?

healing selfish minds?



like a ball rolling down its lane

it will meet its end

in a violent explosion

scattering the good

generations have built

to honor human ingenuity

injected in us by God

to purpose our reason for being.


Men are not created equal ---

Brains filter reality according to

their organic programming,

and souls too often

are slaves to their filters

until they wake up

to the truth ---

you are only senses for God –

myriad combinations of DNA

filtering reality in this

grand hologram of wonder and change.


What a world!

What a world!

Prepare your water cannons

of kindness and succor.

The wicked witch

stirs in the shadows.

Why? --- for the drama of it all.

Keep the faith.


agd 4.19.2022